What Can I have Hydrodipped?

The criteria for this custom paint job is pretty simple. Can it be painted and placed in water. If it meets both of those criteria it is good to go. 

Examples , Motorcycle’s, Snowmobiles, Cars, Helmets, Mugs, Beer Glasses, Trail Cams .

How Durable are Hydrographics?

Hydro Graphics are as durable as the clear coat that protects them. In many cases we use Automotive Clear Coat. So the durability of the paint on your car is a good comparison. 

When we work on Firearms we use Cerakote.

Cerakote Goes on much thinner then normal paint and is Heat, Chemical, And scratch resistant. We use Cerakote’s Clear Coat to protect our Rifle Stock Camo and other Designs. This provides maximum protection for our custom paint jobs. 

Can Cerakote be used for things other than Guns?

Yes. We Cerakote everything from Sun Glasses to Water Bottles. Cerakote has a very unique look when dry. It is the best way to personalize your gear. 

How long will it take?

If you live in Regina Saskatchewan we will pick up and drop off your part. This saves time and we can have parts finished in 1 week. 

For everywhere else we use Canada Post to receive parts. This adds time but the work is still finished within a week of receiving the parts. 

Can I just get my rifles Stock dipped?

Yes. We specialize in Custom Rifle Stocks. We prefer you send us the Stock alone when you decide to make your gun a work of Art. 

Can Wood and Synthetic Stocks both be dipped?