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Return your old rifle to new. Remove rust and protect it from water.


Our Work 

We offer the brand new look of a custom rifle without the price tag. Make your old rusty rifle new again for as little as $250. Not only will it look Brand New it will be protected from water and rust!

On top of Custom Rifles in Canada we also offer Custom paint jobs at an affordable price! See the motorcycle parts below. 3 pieces were done for $250. You cant get these prices for custom work anywhere else!


Our Goal is to give every person an amazing paint job at an affordable price. Get a quote today. We work on Rifles, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Quads. Anything that you want to make your own we can Customize for you. 

CeraKote Colours

Recent Testimonials

  • He took my 30 year old rifle that had been in my family since I was a kid, it was rusty and weathered. Now it looks brand new and will be in the family 30 more years. Looks better than I thought it Would!

    - Migel

Hydro Dips

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Cerakote Services in Canada

Cerakote in Canada

We offer a Cerakote application for all of Canada. Cerakote is one of the most durable and corrosion resistant ways to treat a firearm. It stands up to all you can throw at it. Cerakote is what people use when they want their gun to last forever. It also looks amazing. Let us help you.  


Use our box and ship us your firearm for a Custom Cerakote application.

Step 1) Order the Box

Step 2) Once received fill in the form. Ship Form And Firearm back to us in the Box

Step 3) Wait for your Custom firearm to arrive


Hydro Dipping

We offer firearm Hydro Dipping as well as any other Item. Motorcycle parts, Helmets, Car parts, If it can be painted and placed in water we will Dip it for you. 

Firearm dips are still painted with Cerakote. All other jobs use Automotive grade paints. 

Please mail us your parts to be dipped if you live outside of Saskatchewan!

About Us

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We are new to Regina Saskatchewan. Our goal is to give everyone an affordable way to have a custom paint job. Our work is extremely durable and covered in a protective clear coat. Bike tanks, Rifle stocks, Goalie helmets. and car bumpers. Anything that can be painted can be dipped so use your imagination. Contact us to set up your appointment. 

Email us for pricing and questions at